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Monsters of the Northwoods.

Monsters of the NorthwoodsBartholomew, Robert E., Bartholomew, Paul B., Hallenbeck, Bruce G, andf Brann, William C. (1991, 1992). 

Monsters of the Northwoods. 

This book on the history of Bigfoot sightings in New York and Vermont, has a cult following in New York State.  It has sold nearly 7,000 copies and remains in print. 

The author takes a sympathetically skeptical position.   

Bigfoot Encounters in New York & New England

Bigfoot Encounters in New York & New EnglandBartholomew, Robert E., and Bartholomew, Paul B. (2008). 

Bigfoot Encounters in New York & New England:  Documented Evidence, Stranger Than Fiction. Vancouver, BC:  Hancock House.

A sympathetically skeptical look at the Bigfoot mystery in the northeastern United States (but you would not know it from the title!).

UFOs and Alien Contact: Two Centuries of Mystery.

UFOs and Alien Contact: Two Centuries of Mystery.Bartholomew, Robert E., and Howard, George S. (1998).

UFOs and Alien Contact: Two Centuries of Mystery.

Buffalo, New York: Prometheus Books. (Dr. George S. Howard is Professor of Psychology and former Department Chair, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana). This scholarly study contains 3,000 references, and examines waves of claims and public discourse about Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) using mainstream theories of social psychology, the fallibility of human perception, the mass media role, and the collective behavior literature. 

Also examined is the religious significance of "abductees," the fantasy-prone personality, and how psychologists and psychiatrists should approach claimants. It can be used for introductory classes on social and perceptual psychology, collective behavior, deviance, religion, semiotics, and popular culture. 

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