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'Work on Aboriginal Human Rights'

Since 2008, Robert Bartholomew has called for a government investigation into claims that the Northern Territory Education Department has knowingly exposed Aboriginal children to asbestos at Indigenous Territory remote schools.  In 2010, his claims of asbestos exposure were raised in the Northern Territory Parliament by then Independent MP Alison Anderson.  In 2012, he published an exposé of Northern Territory government Indigenous schools entitled, Australia’s Forgotten Children: The Corrupt State of Education in the Northern Territory - A Case Study of Educational Apartheid at an Aboriginal Pretend School.

This book documents for the first time:

How the NT Department of Education waited months to remove asbestos , knowing that children were reported playing with it - despite urgent pleas by Worksafe - and how they covered it up and misled the Ombudsman.  This would not have happened at a 'white' Territory school.

How the Department fabricated claims about Immigration documentation to get rid of troublesome teachers.

How the Department kept a secret blacklist and gave false information to the Anti-Discrimination Commission and Territory Ombudsman.

Why CEO Gary Barnes give false information to the NT Justice Department?

How HR Head Carol Penglase and Schools Manager Paul Newman abused their positions.

We tried to enforce the same academic, health and safety standards at an Aboriginal school as at a 'white' school - and were thwarted at every turn.  If this is not educational apartheid, what is?  The truth is:  the Northern Territory Education Department maintains different standards for 'black' and 'white' students in 21st century Australia.  


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